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Welcome to the official internet repository for my digital stuff.

A partial list of content you will find herein: The Elevated Church of the Good Bean (praise jitters!), examples of PHP/javascript/etc. widgets, renders of fractals, various things I've had published in a newspaper's Opinions column, and assorted other pieces of nonsense that for whatever reason I saw fit to include within these pages.

Thanx for stopping by and have fun. ~DjB

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Are You

The Elevated Church of the Good Bean

Do you like coffee?

I mean really really like coffee?

Then have I got a (not actually a) church for you! A special place, where Nectar of the Good Bean is treated with the sanctity it deserves. Where the cups, carafes, bottles and beakers that hold sacred java are recognized as holy objects. Where jitters are seen to be a visible indicator of piety and insomnia is categorized as a religious experience.

Come partake of the blessed Nectar with other like-minded imbibers... well, with one imbiber. So far I'm not only the high priest, treasurer, and custodial engineer for TECotGB I'm also its sole member. But more will be along eventually. Shortly. Any minute now.

As the saying goes: "If you build it, they will come." So here it is.

Any second.

I think I already hear footsteps...


This is where I put the assorted widgets and other projects that have resulted from my learning some PHP, javascript, etc. Eventually I'll also be including stuff written in JAVA, but that day's still somewhere in the future.

I suppose in a way this entire site is a sandbox; I use it to test concepts and explore new methods of writing code for the internets.

What- you didn't really think I do all of this just for you?

Wow. Don't get me wrong you're cool and everything, but...

Art Stuff

Here I'll show a few things I've made with Blender and/or PaintShopPro as well as some fractals made with JWildfire, Mandelbulber, or Mandelbulb3D.

Fractals are, when you get right down to it, just pretty math. Pattern-drawing equations iterated multiple times to create amazingly complex images.

The fractal-generating programs listed above are of course my current favorites but there are lots of choices in fractal generating software so find one that you like; there are no definitive answers to the question: "Which fractal software should I use?"

Links to various graphics/audio software download pages can be found in this section.

Textual Debris

In this section I've included a few published letters to the editor of The Roanoke Times newspaper, some essays, and even a poem or two.

I've also added a few posts I've originally made to social media though perhaps I should stop doing that because the volume of my contributions to social media seem to be in direct inverse proportion to the volume of essays and other scribbles I produce.

Although... maybe I could simply quit posting so much on social media...?

Nah. LoL